25 May2017

7 sophisticated wedding entertainment ideas

Have you forgotten to sort out the entertainment?

Are you worried that you  have spent too long deciding on the colour scheme of the flowers that you’ve not given a thought to how to keep the guests having fun?

If you’ve trawled the internet and found nothing sophisticated or classy enough for your special day?

Don’t worry, having attended hundreds of weddings as a wedding magician, I’ve come across many fun, varied, excited and sophisticated wedding entertainment ideas, performers and acts that might meet your requirements. Below I’ve outlined a few.

First things first. You may be asking why you need to budget for entertainment at your wedding?

There are a couple of reasons. The first being that more often than not, it’s the entertainment that is often the most memorable part of your special day. Secondly, weddings can be boring. The British are know to struggle with making small talk at the best of times. Couple that with them being thrust into an unknown environment with people you don’t know. It’s worth having something booked in to break that ice.

Why are weddings boring?


Well, there are massive lulls in the day which can do with a bit of energy injected in them. Be it when the room is being turn around after the wedding breakfast. Alternatively  it whilst the the bride and groom are having their photos taken and the guests are eating canapes. The other point I mentioned is that often their are awkward moments in the day. Sometimes it is as your guests sit down on tables with people they don’t know or whilst they are waiting to be called for their photos. Finally it’s as new guests arrive for the evening entertainment. Whichever of these gaps that need filling, hiring some form of sophisticated wedding entertainment is an ideal way to break the ice between guests and really lubricate the conversation.

Not only that, but hiring a professional wedding entertainer allows you to have peace of mind that your guests will be being entertained. This frees you up to go about your duties of hosting unburdened.

Here is my personal list of 10 sophisticated wedding entertainment ideas. The ideas below are fun, sophisticated and guaranteed to make you day extra memorable.


This is an extremely versatile wedding entertainment option. They can mix and mingle between guests sketching and drawing amazing pictures of your guests. Some caricaturists like to roam, others are seated whilst couples sit opposite for a sketch lassting between 5-10mins. Usually caricaturists can get through about 30-35 guests over a 2 hour booking.

Some sketch with pens and leave you with a black and white image. Others include colours. Others are now using ipad style sketch pads which they can email you leaving your hands free.

Cost wise, Caricaturists charge approximately £350 for 2 hours.


There are only a few of these highly skilled craftsmen in the UK! Booking one, you can be guaranteed you will be getting something truly unique for your wedding. Again, they can mix and mingle between guests cutting profile shapes with incredible accuracy. These silhouettes are then presented to the guests in a card as a true souvenir of the special day.

Needing nothing more than a pair of scissors and couple of slips of black paper, silhouettists can blend shamelessly between guests.

They charge upwards of £400 for 2 hours mix and mingle wedding silhouetting.


I don’t think I’ve ever attended a wedding without a DJ. It doesn’t mean you have to have one. Usually a sound system with a pre-edited playlist would serve equally well, and at the same time guarantee the music you want to hear is correct.

Notheless – a DJ is a quintessential part of a wedding and frame the dance floor well as well as providing a great quality sound and be able to make announcements and offer microphone for speeches etc.

On average a wedding DJ will charge £400 for the night.

Singing Waiters

Keeping with the music theme, singing waiters are a great addition to the day. They will usually pose as waiters – often acting clumsy before breaking into verse. Before you know it, everyone will be singing. Everyone will be clapping and your day will be even more memorable.

Fun, musical and entertaining. Hiring a singing waiter will set you back about £1250 for one waiter.


Del Boy, James Bond and Oprah are some of the celebrity look -alikes which will stay in character for the duration of your wedding. Doing nothing in particular except – what they do best – impersenations – these are an extremely novel idea.

Cost wise, they range between £250 and £500 for a couple of hours, but are usually happy to stay around a bit if some guests haven’t had their photo taken with them.


Photo-booths are becoming more and more popular. You can hire them to be inside or outside.  Photo-booths are usually hosted by a a couple to oversee your fun and they usually come with a couple of boxes of gimmicks and costumes for fun and laughter.

Video booths are now becoming popular – offering a ‘big brother’ style booth allowing guests to record individual messages to the bride and groom.

These start at about £400-600 for the evening.

Close up magician

Last and of course, by no means least is hiring a wedding magician. If you are looking for something to truly make an impression on your guests then hiring a wedding magician could be a great option. They are perfect for mixing and mingle between guests over the wedding photographs. They are ideal for over the wedding breakfast. Perhaps the most popular time is for the nights entertainment – as long as the DJ doesn’t play his music too loud.

Hiring a close up magician for your wedding can cost about £350 for 2 hours.

Looking for recommendations? Well, there’s going to be some bias here. I’ve been offering my own unique form of sophisticated wedding entertainment for over a decade. I offer hard-hitting value for money magic and mind reading.



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